Released 1st September 2020.

Revised edition

28th May 2020

                                                 ALL NEW BONYS OUT WORLDWIDE

Thanks to all the hard work by Bonaparte Holdings Agent and Publisher Mr Tom Thompson, ETT IMPRINT, Sydney, Australia.
All 29 Bonys are now available worldwide, corrected for the first time, and issued in a uniform style as below. Any other "cover" will be a pirate copy, and not corrected. The 8 Bonys that have variant US titles (like Bony #1 - The Barrakee Mystery / The Lure of the Bush) have that title on the title page as well, and this title was extensively edited for the US market. So try and get this corrected Bony #1.

All on Kobo, Google Play now with more to follow:………

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Please note Only Bony titles featured above have been re released in Large Paperback. The balance will be finished in the next few weeks. However all Bony titles are available on eBook, Kindle and Bolinda Audio MP3.

Bony Books

  • The Barrakee Mystery, 1929 
  • The Sands of Windee, 1931 (look up Murchison murders to understand the plot)

  • Wings Above the Diamantina, 1936
  • Mr Jelly’s Business, 1937
  • Winds of Evil, 1937
  • The Bone is Pointed, 1938
  • The Mystery of Swordfish Reef, 1939
  • Bushranger of the Skies, 1940
  • Death of a Swagman, 1945
  • The Devil’s Steps, 1946
  • An Author Bites the Dust, 1948
  • The Mountains Have a Secret, 1948
  • The Widows of Broome, 1949
  • The Bachelors of Broken Hill, 1950
  • The New Shoe, 1951
  • Venom House, 1952
  • Murder Must Wait, 1953
  • Death of a Lake, 1954
  • Cake in the Hatbox, 1955
  • The Battling Prophet, 1956
  • The Man of Two Tribes, 1956
  • Bony Buys a Woman, 1957
  • Bony and the Mouse, 1959
  • Bony and the Black Virgin, 1959
  • Bony and the Kelly Gang, 1960
  • Bony and the White Savage, 1961
  • The Will of the Tribe, 1962
  • Madman's Bend, 1963
  • The Lake Frome Monster, 1966

Non Bony Books

  • The House Of Cain, 1928
  • The Beach Of Atonement, 1930
  • A Royal Abduction, 1932
  • The Murchison Murders, 1932
  • Gripped By Drought, 1932
  • The Gifts of Frank Cobbold, 1935
  • Breakaway House, 1987
  • The Great Melbourne Cup Mystery, 1996
  • Up And Down Australia
  • Up And Down Australia Again
  • Up And Down The Real Australia
  • Beyond The Mirage  (AWU Autobiography) first time release 25th April 2020

Check out the locations of were titles are set on Google maps.

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